Congratulations on your journey towards parenthood! We at Yogini and Bambini are here to offer you and your family support, encouragement and education through our Prenatal Yoga and Lamaze Childbirth Education classes. We also offer custom Baby Showers tailored to fit your unique style and specifications.

We approach pregnancy and childbirth as a natural process and part of the life cycle rather than a medical condition. The service we provide will enhance your body and mind, as well as boost both your confidence and your body's natural ability to give birth. We want to help empower you and your family to make informed decisions regarding your pre and postnatal health care, as well as your birth plan. Through the practice of yoga and through the education of pregnancy and the birthing process that is Lamaze, we are here to help you fully connect to your body and your new baby both inside and outside the womb.

We aim to provide a warm and friendly environment with both approachable and knowledgeable instructors. We also help foster a sense of community and support for both you and your new baby. At Yogini and Bambini, we relish the humor that is life and encourage you to laugh and enjoy your practice and learning experience. Our classes provide plenty of information and a toolbox full of comfort measures to help you have a successful and satisfying birth!

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you!

Lisa Feuer, RYT LCCE

Yogini and Bambini