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June 2017

Check back soon for my upcoming workshops...Plans are in the works! 


Ina May Gaskin's movie "Birth Story" is available for download! 

“inspiring…”Entertainment Weekly

“…makes you want to hop into a tub of warm water and start pushing.”NY Times

I found it a truly amazing testament to the strength of women and the ability to birth naturally. Check it out!


Yogini and Bambini's Lamaze classes are a smashing success! Read what people are saying:

"I am very happy about the course. I am now more confident that I was built to do this! I enjoyed all the partner/support massages. I had no idea my husband could become so involved in soothing me." - Amy

'"The physical guidance was really helpful - the pain management techniques and massage." - Christina

"I appreciated the additional knowledge/information/tips you interjected throughout." - Cathryn

"It made me feel more confident in supporting my wife. I enjoyed all the hands-on techniques. The massages and partner supporting activities were my favorite. Thank you for empowering us. I feel very reassured with the knowledge that my wife and I can do this our way, which is whatever is best for the baby." - Juan


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Lisa Feuer, CYT LCCE

Yogini and Bambini