Baby Shower / Blessingway Activities Descriptions

Prenatal Yoga Class - Join the mommy-to-be in a forty-five minute prenatal yoga class. Prenatal Yoga is extremely effective in relieving discomforts of pregnancy, as well as strengthening the whole body - including areas specific to pregnancy such as the lower back and pelvic floor. It can also help reduce stress and facilitate relaxation - for the guests, as well as the mother!

Henna Belly Painting - Beautiful temporary (and safe) tattoo art is painted onto the mom's belly to celebrate her pregnancy and growing tummy. The mother may bring an idea for a design she would like, something of special significance. Henna can last for several weeks! If it's applied close to her due date, it can serve as a powerful visual aid that she can focus on during labor, as well thinking of the wonderful bonds she has with and support of those who celebrated her pregnancy with her during the painting.

Belly Plaster Cast - A quick drying plaster strip cast captures a three-dimensional representation of the mother's bountiful belly! It gives the mother a wonderful, long-lasting keepsake. Later she can decorate the belly cast however she likes, or she can leave it simple and untouched. Some families even line it with lambswool and use it as a cozy cradle for their newborn.

Blessingway String Ceremony -  The guests encircle the mother and a red string is passed around them. The string is woven in front and behind each guest to symbolize their interconnection and solidarity shared with the mother. The string is then cut between each person and tied around their wrists. The string is a daily reminder to hold the woman in their thoughts as she approaches the moment of birth, and also of support during her labor.

Blessingway Candle Ceremony - All the guests bring a candle to light. They encircle the mother and, as each one lights their candle, they offer the mother a blessing. Afterward, each guest takes their candle home and lights it when they hear the mother is in labor as a symbol of support.