Lisa‘s prenatal yoga classes were invaluable, giving me a deep sense of strength, inner peace, and connection with my baby. Not only did the poses and breathing techniques we learned bring me physical and emotional relief while I was pregnant, they helped enormously during my daughter‘s birth and in the post-partum period. Namaste.

- Jen www.parenture.com

More than any birthing class I took, I looked to my yoga breathing and stretches to help me overcome the contractions and exhaustion. Lisa‘s classes gave me so much confidence in my body and mind and really helped prepare me for the marathon of labor.

- Meredith

My weekly yoga classes with Lisa gave me some of the most relaxed moments of my pregnancy. Her instruction reminded me to take time out from the planning and excitement to enjoy my growing baby (and belly). I think her classes were the reason I was so healthy right up until my baby arrived.

- Elizabeth R.

Lisa Feuer is a warm, dedicated, and experienced teacher...The classes have helped me stay in shape, stay balanced, and stay positive throughout my pregnancy. I feel much more aligned with all the changes in my body, and it‘s been a wonderful way to connect with my baby as well!

- Jennifer

I loved Lisa‘s prenatal yoga class! Lisa is a wonderful and thoughtful teacher and it was a great way to stay fit through out my pregnancy. Her class was not only fun, but also full of great information. I used many of her breathing techniques during my daughter‘s delivery and it was so helpful.

Anna Rothberg

Lisa is one of the best yoga teachers I have had - and her prenatal class gave me the tools I needed to get through labor - and through pregnancy.

- Sara

Lisa is an amazing yoga instructor.  I loved taking her prenatal yoga class. It was the highlight of every week while I was pregnant. The routines that I learned in class helped me through pregnancy and labor. I highly recommend Lisa‘s classes.

- Anna

Lisa‘s prenatal series was awesome for me during my pregnancy. Aside from getting the blood flowing, we practiced breathing and pain coping techniques, talked about how we were feeling, and traded tips for dealing with pregnancy and labor. Lisa created a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing environment that I looked forward to visiting every week. She encourage socialization during the class, and I meet a handful of sweet women who are now my “mommy friends”. I recommend her class to all my expecting friends!

- Emily

I started going to Lisa‘s prenatal classes in Brooklyn when I was about 28 weeks along and continued up until I was 38 weeks. I was just going to try it for a month since I had never actually taken a real yoga class, let alone attempted one with a big pregnant belly! I was surprised to find that the classes were not difficult, challenging yes, but not difficult. The best part about Lisa‘s method was the emphasis on serenity and breathing. I found this the most useful during my 36 (!!!) hours of delivery. When, rather if, we ever have a # 2, I‘d sign up for Lisa‘s class again in a heartbeat!

- Sara Laughlin

There are several reasons that Lisa is a wonderful person for a pregnant lady to know. Yes, she is an extremely gifted teacher, but, more importantly, she is a rock in the long, sometimes hot, sometimes uncomfortable, miraculous pregnancy journey. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has probably seen every pregnancy related ache and pain, and, always provides helpful hints and tips on how to alleviate those discomforts. She approaches every class with sensitivity and humor, and I always left feeling wonderful, and, somehow, refreshed. Her practice of sharing the birth stories of the brand new moms at the beginning of each class (the ones who had been right next to you two weeks before!) was especially positive and inspiring.

- Natalka Burian

I took prenatal yoga class with Lisa pretty much throughout my pregnancy with my first child. I went twice a week and always enjoyed Lisa‘s classes. She is very knowledgeable about yoga and about childbirth in general.  She spent the first part of each class discussing some aspect of the labor/delivery process, which I found extremely useful.  For someone that was in denial about the prospect of actually birthing a little baby, the nine months of class discussions on the subject of labor/delivery really got me mentally and emotionally prepared for what I was to face with my son‘s birth.  As a person, Lisa comes across as extremely open and genuine.  She is respectful of everyone not only as individuals, but everyone‘s perspective and viewpoints as well.  There are no judgments in her class; I always felt comfortable from the moment I first walked in the door. I was extremely grateful to have had the experience of Lisa‘s prenatal yoga classes when I got to the hospital to delivery my baby!

- Lynnise

I am incredibly lucky to have Lisa as a pre-natal yoga teacher and then as a Mommy and Me teacher. She has so much knowledge about childbirth and pregnancy and was a huge support for all of us. The classes became a community. I swear that my daughter must have remembered her voice pre-natal classes, she loved her so much immediately. Lisa balanced really helping the moms get and feel strong again, with teaching us ways to play with and engage our new babies. Her pre-natal classes were so helpful to me at the start and at the end of my pregnancy, and I know they helped me so much during labor. I do not think without them that I would have gotten through 12 hours of natural labor. I did positions that Lisa had taught me pretty much the entire time.

- Sara C.